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Blizzard Bag Information

  In the event of inclement weather and school cancellations this year, the Pembroke School District has re-instituted a “Blizzard Bag” curriculum which extends the activities and work being completed in the classrooms.  The call you receive stating that school is cancelled for the day will also include information about the decision if “Blizzard Bags” should be completed on that day. In the event of widespread power outages, Blizzard Bags will not be used and the day will be treated as a regular school snow day.

Teachers have developed plans so that students do not miss the day of work, but instead will work on the assigned projects at home and return the work following the missed school day.  This will ensure that the school year will conclude as close as possible to the day scheduled on the school district calendar.  Each student will receive information geared to his or her grade level and current academic content.  Teachers will be available to answer questions and provide support during the day primarily via email. The addresses for this support are the standard school emails for teachers (first initial and last name @sau53.org).

              Please keep the folder/information in a safe location so that it can be given to your child in the event that school is cancelled. Work will become part of that day’s assignment and will be graded. It will also be used to account for student attendance on the Blizzard Bag Day. If a student does not complete the required assignments, he/she will be marked as absent for that day. Students must return any work they completed the following school day.  

              We are excited to offer this program again in Pembroke, and feel it will promote a variety of engaging learning opportunities to our students. We are pleased that learning will no longer have to be disrupted during the winter months due to weather-related closures. The success of this program relies on everyone’s involvement. Thank you for your support as we embark on this new path for learning.

Kindergarten and First grade families will receive a packet with all assignments and directions.  You can also access the assignments and materials needed by clicking on the file links below. 

Kindergarten Blizzard Bag Information/Work:

K parent cover letter
K recording form K Activity Chart K Included Materials
Kindergarten Unified Arts work Days 1-5

Day 4 & 5 cover letterDay 4 &5 Recording Form

1st grade Blizzard Bag Information/Work:

1st grade cover letter1st grade recording sheet 1st grade literacy  1st grade Math/Science  1st grade UA work Days 1-5 Day 4 and 5 Cover Letter