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The Kindergarten team believes that children enter kindergarten at various developmental levels. Kindergarten is a time for children to grow as emotional, social, intellectual, and physical beings.

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Mrs. Lewis  Ms. Montana Mrs.Azevedo/Ms. Pellerin Mrs. Forest

Kindergarten Competencies and Report Cards

Math Literacy  Competency/Report Cards  Common Core Info.

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Mrs. Azevedo/ Ms Pellerin's Class Specials

Red- Music
Orange- Physical Education
Yellow- VIP
Green- Library
Blue- Art

Mrs. Bertoncini's Class Specials

Red- Library
Orange- Art
Yellow- Music
Green- Physical Education
Blue- VIP

Mrs. Hansen's Class Specials

Red-  VIP
Orange- Library
Yellow- Art
Green-  Music
Blue- Physical Education

Mrs. Montana's Class Specials

Red- Physical Education
Orange- VIP
Yellow- Library
Green- Art
Blue- Music