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Principal’s Corner

October 12, 2017

Dear families and Guardians:

In preparation for their field trip to the apple orchard, kindergarten students had a morning scramble yesterday. Students were divided into different groups and traveled to each classroom for a science exploration and discovery. One classroom did an experiment with apples and water and had to predict whether apples floated and why. Magnifiers were used to examine the core and seeds. I heard students talking about chemical reactions, all exciting and hands on.

They have a beautiful sunny day for their trip to the apple orchard. They were very excited when they left. I believe they even get to bring some apples home that they picked.

Last week first grade students toured Pembroke and visited the library, police station, safety center, bank, and transfer station. Everyone was very friendly and shared helpful and important information with our students.

Our Only One You painted rocks are spread around our rock garden decorating our building. They look great. Thank you for your time in finding that one special rock and painting it.

If you are a parent picking up your child at dismissal, please remind him/her that they are not to leave the line and run to you. This is for their safety! They tend to dart out and run near the curb where cars are pulling out. Thank you for your help.

Toys from home-Please remind your child that they must remain in their backpacks until after school.

Please mark your calendars-

Monday, October 23rd at 8:00 AM

First Parent Forum

Hosted by Mrs. Boudrieau and Mrs. Sandberg

Agenda-Planning for future agendas-possible book read, further understanding of curriculum, report cards, etc.

Please RSVP to the Office 485-1807 or email me at msandberg@sau53.org by Friday, October 20th. Thank you.