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Student Services

Title 1 Intervention:

Title 1 is a federally funded program providing supplementary support in literacy and mathematics instruction to the students of the school.

Students are assessed at the start of the school year and referred by the Student Study Team to receive support services. Those who qualify for support receive instruction in small groups from the Title 1 teachers. Instruction concentrates on comprehension, reading fluency and numeracy. The program is designed to meet individual learning needs and coordinates with classroom instruction. Parents will be notified and will need to give permission prior to their child receiving intervention.

School Plan Family Compact  Right to Know Preschool

Speech and Language Services:

Speech and language services are provided to a wide range of children in Kindergarten and first grade for articulation, language and other areas. Both special education and regular education students are served through a variety of therapy models ranging from consultation to individual therapy. Screening is accomplished early on in students’ entry to Pembroke Village School and referrals are accepted anytime throughout the school year.

The Speech-Language Pathologist is a core member of the Student Study Team, special education services, and RTI (Response to Intervention) program.

Response to Instruction Services (RTI):

RTI is a multi-step, scientific process of providing support and instruction to all of our Pembroke Village School students. Individual students’ progress is monitored and the results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention.


The focus of the guidance program is to foster healthy social/emotional well being, academic success and career preparedness of all students. The success of all students is ensured through individual , small group and while class activities.

Parents, as well as students, are encouraged to contact the School Counselor should a need arise. The Counselor is available concerning any issue deemed connected to care, welfare, safety and security of every student within our school.

Different events can occur outside of school that can have an impact on student performance. Please do not hesitate to call if your child is having school adjustment problems. Parental input is valued and necessary party of finding effective solutions.

Einstein Program:

The Einstein program is designed to support healthy social and emotional development of students at Pembroke Village School using a positive, pro-active approach. Children practice and strengthen friendship skills including sharing, cooperating, self-control, and identifying and expressing feelings. Additional coaching in the classroom is provided to help students generalize these skills, leading to greater academic success.